Soft caramel, given a lift with Madagascan vanilla and Maldon sea salt, along with a hazelnut praline crisp, all coated in Maison dark chocolate. Extraordinary, playfully contrasting textures with the caramel and the chocolate, brought to the next level by the crunchy hazelnut pieces.


Almond hazelnut praline gianduja, Piedmont hazelnut shavings and caramelised pecan nuts. The praline blends nicely with a Montélimar nougat crisp, and everything is coated in Maison milk chocolate. The fondant texture of the praline in the gianduja works perfectly with the intense flavours of the Piedmont hazelnuts.


Salted caramel infused with coffee from Java and cardamom, alongside an Iranian pistachio praline crisp, all coated in milk chocolate. A virtuoso, heady balancing act between the salty pistachio, the bitter coffee and the peppery freshness of the cardamom.


Milk chocolate made using cocoa beans from Madagascar, alongside whole roasted Piedmont hazelnuts and layers of almond-hazelnut praline and pastry. Everything is coated in Maison dark chocolate. This blend of textures –between the savoury hazelnuts and sweet, smooth chocolate notes – will make you go weak at the knees.


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